Services offered

Pet Pampering - We offer the full range


Duration varies • Price's vary depending on pet size & services requested. 

We offer: Full Service Grooms: bath, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and preferred hair style. Bath & Nails: bath, brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning. Brush & Nails: brush out, nail trim,and ear cleaning. Other Services: De-matting, Scissor cut only styles, Flea & Tick Dips, Nail Buffing, Pet Nail Polish, Anal-Gland expression, Spa Treatments, and Medicated Bath Treatments. We are also, a home-friendly, full-service pet boarding facility.

  • Splash & Dash - Bath, towel dry, ears cleaned, nails clipped, cologne
  • Touch Up Groom - In between trim which can include; face, feet, sanitary, feathers, belly, tail and ears.
  • Bathing - Shampoo, blow-dry, brush-out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, cologne. * Extra charge for pads shaved and/or sanitary trim.


  • Services performed by appointment allowing us to give your pet undivided attention during their visit. It also eliminates the need for your pet to be kenneled for hours.
  • All dogs are styled to breed standard unless you request otherwise. * We will never shave down your dog unless previously discussed.

Tails are Wagging, Pets are Bragging!

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